2015 Storm Spotter Training schedule


Updates for this season include:

  • Graphical severe weather outlook updates
  • More detailed review on squall line tornadoes
  • New local focus and case studies

Please help us spread the word about upcoming training via your weekly nets and club meetings. We really appreciate the involvement of amateur radio operators as a key group in our warning operations.

February 2015 Newsletter Posted

The newsletter for January is up. You can find it on the Newsletters and Minutes page.

File Link: Newsletter – February 2015

KQ’s Korner – February 2015

It is difficult to think of spring while I am looking at a foot of snow in my yard, but happily spring is on the way.  Soon there will be SkyWarn sessions and the severe weather season starts about the middle of March.  A  few years ago there was a tornado in the Cascade, IA area in the middle of March.  So be prepared early.

The hamfest season is in full swing with several in the area in the next few months.  I enjoy visiting with the people that I talk to on the radio but seldom see in person.  It is fun to put voices and faces together.  And I usually find something that I simply cannot live without when I walk around the tables and look at all of the stuff.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure I guess.

73 & CUL
Art, N9KQ


Hamfests – February 2015

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February 14

Brookfield, WI  ・  MRAC & MAARS Mid Winter Interclub Swapfest.  Location: MPTV Auction Site,12560 West Townsend Street, Brookfield, WI.  Sponsor: Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club & Milwaukee Area Amateur Radio Society.  Talk-In: 145.390 & 145.130 (PL 127.3).  Public Contact: David Schank , KA9WXN, 5943 West Edgerton Avenue Greenfield, WI 53220;Phone: 414-459-9741; Email: ka9wxn@gmail.com; Website: http://www.w9rh.org.

President’s Comments – February 2015

I am happy to report that I have been able to set up some fine programs for the upcoming months. This month Dustin Westaby KC9JKV will be speaking and demonstrating Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi. If you are interested in building electronic devices be sure not to miss this meeting. The hospital has been very cooperative and is going to provide us with a computer projector and screen.

The following programs have been arranged:

  • March 10: Josh Roskos KC9WWH the Grant County Emergency Coordinator will make a presentation on Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).
  • April 14: Chris Goodney KC9CST talking on how to protect your amateur radio station through centralizing your grounding system.
  • May 12: Dave Nix W9FAA will speak on radio controlled airplanes. He will also bring a drone.
  • June 9: Field Day preparation
  • July 14: Club Picnic

I have heard from representatives of the WI QSO Party and the president of WECOM which runs the repeater in Dodgeville. Both of them will try to see if they can come to a fall meeting. We will also pursue getting someone to speak on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). If you have an idea for a program please let me know.
Some items on the agenda are:

  • Should ARES be a part of our club or a separate entity?
  • We need to establish monetary values of our various assets for grant forms and to consider getting replacement insurance on them.

In the March newsletter we will publish the names and call letters of paid up members. So please get your dues to Randy by the February meeting.
I also know someone who would like a general coverage receiver for under $100. If you have something for sale be sure to send the information to Dustin dustin.westaby@gmail.com.
Someone mentioned to me that they had some pictures of Jack Izzard for the club scrapbook. Please bring them. We should also have a picture of John Holzer KC9KQ if anyone has one. I would like to have a QSL card and picture of each of our members in the scrapbook.

Hope to see all of you at the February meeting,
Kent K9ZMU

January 2015 Newsletter posted

The newsletter for January is up. You can find it on the Newsletters and Minutes page.

File Link: Newsletter – January 2015

November 2014 Meeting Minutes posted

The meeting minutes for November’s meeting are up. You can find them on the Newsletters and Minutes page.

File Link: Meeting Minutes – November 2014

Hamfests – January 2015

January 18

St. Charles, IL – WCRA’s 48th Annual Mid-Winter Hamfest.  Location: Kane County Fairgrounds Expo Center, 525 South Randall Road, St. Charles, IL.  Sponsor: Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs.  Talk-In: 145.310, 146.52.  Public Contact: Kurt Rubin , KB9RTO, PO Box QSL Wheaton, IL 60187; Phone: 630-604-0157; Email: info@w9ccu.org; Website: http://wheatonhamfest.org.

KQ’s Korner – January 2015

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, winter is here and it is colder than a well diggers feet in an iceberg. With that in mind, remember that tornados are not the only severe weather events that we are involved in. Blizzards, snow storms, ice storms and extremely cold temps are all severe weather. If our communicaton services are needed at any time, be ready.

A big tip of the hat to John, KB9RYI, for his service in publishing the club newsletter for the past few years. And another tip of the hat to Dustin, KC9JKV, for taking over the newsletter. Editing a newsletter is an easy job. If you have to write a newsletter it is a hard job. If you can send Dustin a few things to take up space I’ll bet he would appreciate it.

73 & CUL
Art, N9KQ

President’s Comments – January 2015

I hope that 2015 has begun well for all of the HVARC membership.  As your new club president I hope 2015 is a good year for our club.  I have some concerns as we start out a new year.  First of all that we have not had many of us pay our dues every year.  Our treasury is not that large so please pay your dues as soon as possible.   We also need to find ways to increase our membership.  Without new members and a growth in our numbers I don’t believe our club will be a very vibrant one.

We need to all work at coming up with meeting programs that are of interest to our membership.  If you can help out in this area please let me know.  All dates are open except for July and December meetings.

Another concern I have is whether or not we can successfully be helpful to our government agencies in a real emergency.  Hap BGA has done a lot of work in this area.  However, Grant County no longer has an Emergency Coordinator working with the state ARES.   Our repeater committee (Mark WLU, Alvin MCC, Dick DLI, and Hap BGA) has made great improvements to our club’s repeater.  Ron POF and Roy NUZ got the paper work done for the generous grant from the Ann and Leo Stoll Jr. Charitable Trust.  We have a portable tower we could set up.  But how many of us can haul it and know how to set it up.  We also have a 440 MHz repeater which hardly gets used.   We also have a VHF and UHF radio at Southwest Health Center which few know how to use or even where it is kept etc.  It has been awhile since we had an ICS certification course offered to our membership. If certain people were out of the area could the rest of us actually do a successful job?   Hopefully we would show that we could.

I want to have us all to become more knowable in the above concerns.  We have covered these areas in the past, but we need to do it again.  In a real emergency we will need the help of neighboring clubs and their members.  The GRARC in Dubuque has expressed an interest in working with us to develop cooperation in an emergency.  I am sure other area clubs would also be helpful in such an emergency.

These are my main concerns as president.  I volunteered to be president again because our members have fun when we get together around a hobby we love.  Intellectually and socially ham radio is good for the soul.

The Christmas party had a nice turn out which I found very encouraging.  I had fun teasing in a skit Dustin JKV our outgoing president.  Dustin has graciously consented to not only be secretary but also take over doing the club newsletter.  John RYI has done it for many years.  Thanks John for the long service doing the newsletter.

So let’s make 2015 a great year by paying your dues, coming to the meetings, encouraging new members, helping out where you have interests, and of course, by listening to your club president (at least some of the time ha, ha).

Kent K9ZMU

Greetings Everyone!

All amateurs and those interested in amateur radio are welcome at club meetings and events.

The Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club is a small friendly club located in the hills and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. Our members participate in Field Day, Wisconsin QSO parties, local community service activities, and also offer ham licensing classes. Many of us are trained storm spotters, some have CPR, and a few have multiple Red Cross certifications.

Our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the lower level of the Southwest Health Center in Platteville Wisconsin. We have a weekly Sunday night net meeting at 7:30 PM on the N0WLU repeater on 146.895Mhz 114.8 pl. All check-ins are welcome.

We wish to thank Scott Onson for the server space on which this web site is hosted.