KQ’s Korner – April 2014

Spring is just about here so get ready for the upcoming severe weather.  
And don’t forget to start unhooking the antennas when you leave the 

We need more input for the club newsletter.  With all of the retired 
university professors and school teachers in the club, there must be 
someone who can write up some articles for the NL.  The articles do 
not have to be super technical, just of general interest to the club 
members.  And the articles do not have to be long either.  Two or 
three paragraphs would be sufficient.  If a dumb old retired truck 
driver can do it, so can you.

On a personal note, my health problems have been improving, and I 
hope to attend the April meeting.  I hope to see all of you there.

73 & CUL
Art, N9KQ

W5KUB.COM live webcast of Gigaparts’ Ham Radio Day!!

Forward from Tom:

Please join W5KUB.com for our live, online webcast of the Gigaparts Ham Radio Day on Saturday, March 29th in Huntsville, Alabama. Great in-store prizes and online prizes will be awarded. To join the broadcast go to http://W5KUB.com where the fun begins! W5KUB will interview various vendors regarding their latest products, special guests, and attendees.

During the live broadcast, online viewers will have the opportunity to meet and chat with other ham radio operators from around the world or chat directly with us at the event and ask questions. You may see some of your friends on the broadcast.

Make sure to register at Gigaparts.com for the Icom IC-7100 HF radio. This Gigaparts sweepstakes prize will be announced on our webcast at 2:00 PM CT on Saturday, March 29th. You will instantly know if you are the winner.

You could also win one of many online prizes awarded during the webcast if your name is called from the registered users in the W5KUB chatroom. As always, you must claim your prize within the specified time frame. In the past year over $10,000 in prizes have been awarded! Of course, no purchase is necessary to win an online prize as W5KUB does not sell any products or services. All prizes are donated from vendors or manufacturers.

Broadcast schedule (all times are subject to change):
· Friday, March 28th 1300 UTC (8:00 AM – 1200 PM CT) Live broadcast of our drive from Collierville, TN to Huntsville, AL.
· Saturday, March 29th 1400 UTC to 2100 UTC (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CT), Gigaparts Ham Radio Day
· Sunday, March 30th: 1400 UTC to 1900 UTC (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM CT), Live broadcast of our drive from Huntsville, AL to Collierville, Tennessee.

Join our group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/w5kub/ to keep up with us year-round. Also, please help spread the word by posting this announcement in Facebook and forwarding this message to your ham radio friends that may not have received this message! We’ll ‘see’ you at Gigaparts!

Tom Medlin, W5KUB

KQ’s Korner – March 2014

This will be a short column this month.  I am having some health problems and probably will not attend the upcoming meeting. Nothing that I am going to die from, just wish that I would.

The snow is melting and the days are growing longer and daylight savings time starts Sunday.  All are signs of spring.  Have hope, winter will really end.  It just seems endless.  So get your weather watch gear all greased and ready to go.

73 & CUL

Art, N9KQ

HAMFESTS – March 2014

March 2014

March 16

JEFFERSON, WI  — HAMFEST 2014.   Location: Jefferson County Fairgrounds Activity Center,  503 North Jackson Avenue,  Jefferson, WI.  Sponsor: Tri-County ARC (W9MQB).  Talk-In: 145.49 (PL 123).  Contact: Stan Lichtenberg , W9FIB,  W3290 US Hwy 18 Helenville, WI 53137;  Phone: 920-390-9068; Email: hamfest@w9mqb.org; Website: http://www.w9mqb.org.

April 5
MILWAUKEE, WI – AES Superfest 2014.   Location: Amateur Electronic Supply,  5710 West Good Hope Road,  Milwaukee, WI.   Sponsor: Amateur Electronic Supply.   Talk-In: 145.130/144.530 (PL 127.3), 442.46875+ D-STAR.   Tom Pachner , W9TJP,  5710 West Good Hope Road Milwaukee, WI 53223;  Phone: 414-358-0333; Email: k9aes@aesham.com;  Website: http://www.aesham.com.

Additional Hamfests: http://kc9kq.ssoworld.org/info/hamfests/

WI QSO Party (Updated)


Just a reminder that this coming Sunday is the WI QSO PARTY. Our club has done well in recent years. Pete Beedlow NN9K and others have put a lot of effort into this contest. (See link for details)

It can be a lot of fun when you find others wanting to talk to you because you are in rare counties like Iowa, Grant and Lafayette.

It is suppose to warm up so our signals should not freeze as they leave our antennas, ha, ha.

So jump into the fun and give it a try. There is even a special category for rookies who are first timers.



Kent K9ZMU

UPDATE from Pete NN9K:

The Green River Valley ARS call K9WM will not be active from Wisconsin this year. Instead Tony, N9YPN and I will head north and take up residence in the Fenmore Hills motel to activate Grant County. Tony will operate Phone using his call and I will operate CW (two separate stations).

As you know contest rules can be found at:  http://www.warac.org/wqp/wqp.htm.

Spots can be found on this web page: http://ch.w6rk.com/. Or if you prefer to link your contest or general logging program to a cluster that only contains county spots Telnet to ch.w6rk.com port 7300.

Please spot Tony and me whenever you hear us, even if we have already worked. Spots are very helpful!

Since the WIQP now has an award for the highest single operator QRP score I’m going to attempt to win the category with my mighty 5 watts. And as in past year my score will be added to the HVARC aggregate score.

Wish us luck!

Pete, NN9K

Spotlight Podcasts: AmateurLogic

AmateurLogic.TV is the first and longest running Internet television program dedicated to Amateur Radio and Technology.

You can access & subscribe to their podcast in multiple formats here:

Their latest episode is below, titled “All About Radio”

Episode Description
Tommy and George visit the Jackson Amateur Radio Club’s 2014 Capital City Hamfest and bring back some unique stories. A special appearance by the guys from Ham Dynasty. Peter talks All About Radio. Tommy shows us simple tips to Secure Your Pi. And George brings us some Soldering Tip Tips.

EchoLink on N0WLU 146.895Mhz


Our repeater is under KC9MCC-R.

EchoLink has compatibility with most operating systems and smartphones.  When at home, you may need to open ports in your router / modem’s firewall.

After installing, you will need an account with a validated callsign.  Validation of your callsign is fairly fast, I did mine by credit card and was validated in under 10 minutes.  You may also validate by email with a picture of your license, takes a bit longer for a human to review.


President’s Comments – February 2014

To recap last month’s meeting minutes, we discussed:

  • How to use our repeater grant money
  • Disaster world schedule
  • Program ideas for 2014

February’s program topic is Echolink, presented by Mark (N0WLU)

Meeting Minutes from January 2014

HAMFESTS – February 2014

February 2014

February 15

BROOKFIELD, WI – Mid-Winter Interclub SwapFest.   Sponsor: Milwaukee Radio Amateurs Club & Milwaukee Area Amateur Radio Society.   Location: MPTV Auction Site,  12560 West Towsend Street,  Brookfield, WI.  Talk-In: 145.390 (PL 127.3). Contact: David Schank , KA9WXN,  5943 West Edgerton Avenue Greenfield, WI 53220; Phone: 414-944-1036; Email: ka9wxn@gmail.com; Website: http://www.w9rh.org.

February 22

PERRY, IA –  Winter RF Fest.   Location: Crossroads Church,  2810 1st Avenue,  Perry, IA. Sponsor: Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club.  Talk-In: 145.190 neg offset (PL 114.8).   Contact: Bob Dittert , N0QIX,  1722 1st Avenue Perry, IA 50220;  Phone: 515-465-2383; Email: n0qix@arrl.net; Website: http://www.qsl.net/kd0neb/index_files/Page383.htm.

Additional Hamfests: http://kc9kq.ssoworld.org/info/hamfests/

KQ’s Korner – February 2014

I don’t know about the rest of the club, but I am ready for spring.  As I sit here typing this, the temperature is 2 deg and that will probably be the high for the day.  With that thought in mind, it is only about 7 weeks until severe weather season.  The middle of March starts tornado season.  But winter is still here.  We have had more snow than normal this winter but just a few days when travel was difficult.  But that could change quickly so be on your toes all the time in case amateur radio assistance is needed.

I have missed the last few club meetings  but I am going to make an effort to be there on the 11th.  The situation here is not improving at all.  With everything else, I am having vision difficulties and night driving is not fun at all now.  Hopefully, it will improve in the future but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it  Everything else on me is worn out and now the eyes.

That’s about it for this time.  Hope to see all of you Tuesday.

73 & CUL

Art, N9KQ

Greetings Everyone!

All amateurs and those interested in amateur radio are welcome at club meetings and events.

The Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club is a small friendly club located in the hills and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. Our members participate in Field Day, Wisconsin QSO parties, local community service activities, and also offer ham licensing classes. Many of us are trained storm spotters, some have CPR, and a few have multiple Red Cross certifications.

Our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the lower level of the Southwest Health Center in Platteville Wisconsin. We have a weekly Sunday night net meeting at 7:30 PM on the N0WLU repeater on 146.895Mhz 114.8 pl. All check-ins are welcome.

We wish to thank Scott Onson for the server space on which this web site is hosted.